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At Dog Gone Gorgeous we ensure that your pet’s coat looks its very best, is free of tangles, and shows off its true fullness, my dog grooming services include full brushing and fluffing.

When it comes time to cut your dog’s nails at home, it can be a real battle. But, my professional nail clipping services are gentle and patient. With years of experience, I have mastered the art of pleasant nail clipping for pets.

To complete your pet care during grooming we provide ear cleaning as part of my dog grooming services upon request, we can provide tooth brushing services upon request using a pet-safe toothpaste.

I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, and I would love to become your dog’s regular groomer. As we get to know each other, the dog grooming experience will become more and more pleasant for your little guy or gal. I will keep him or her looking and feeling great!


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