Welcome to Dog Gone Gorgeous where we promise you that “Every Pooch Gets a Smooch!”. As we enter our eighth year of operation, our dedication to our clients (two-legged and four-legged) only grows stronger with each and every groom. The services we provide are sure to please your preference of style for your dog. Whether your dog just needs their nails done or wants the complete Dog Gone Gorgeous pampering package, we are here to make sure your dog wags away happy. (Psst…We also offer services for your feline family members as well. Please feel free to ask a staff member if your whiskered friend wants a taste of the good life!).

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Here is a list of frequent asked questions about our services, If you need more information about the services that we offer please call can we can answer questions that you may have.


1. How can I soothe my dog's grooming anxiety?ANSWERYour pup may be anxious at the groomer's, because he's not used to being handled in sensitive areas, like the muzzle, eyes, ears, paws, tail and groin. To help ease the stress of being handled, trainer Mikkel Becker recommends saying a cue like "ears" when you touch his ears and then immediately giving him a treat or reward, so he associates being touched with a positive experience.2. Why does my pet need regular grooming? ANSWERI am often asked if it is necessary  bathe and groom the dog regularly, and I always answer with a question: "Why do you shower or bathe daily? Why do you wash your hair daily?" Because you like to feel clean and want to keep your skin and hair healthy. We like the fresh and clean feeling, it even energizes us. The same is true for dogs and cats. They frequent places we wouldn't dare going, like the neighbor's field, where he just sprayed manure..My Golden Retriever is very fond of that, and he sure finds every dead fish to roll in when we go down to the lake. Do you want to hug and cuddle with your furry friend after this? A well groomed pet just feels better, is more confident and happier, and so much easier to love and pet.But even more important then the physical appearance and frame of mind is the health aspect of regular grooming. Their skin and coat is exposed to a constant assault of germs, bacteria, toxins, dirt, dust etc., providing a breeding ground for harmful organisms. By regularly grooming I can prevent a lot of skin and coat issues, such as itchy and flaky skin, shedding and hair loss, dull coats, odors, parasites, to name a few. You are not only taking care of your pet's health, but also protect your and your family's health and well being. If you have young children, they are at a greater risk to attract internal or external diseases.As part of a regular groom we trim nails (if the animal tolerates it) and clip hair around and under their paws. Overgrown nails make it very uncomfortable, even painful for your pet to walk, and can cause serious heath problems. Excessive hair between the pads of their feet attracts dirt and bacteria.Long haired breeds need their sanitary areas regularly cleaned and/or clipped short to prevent urine and feces to collect. Brushing and combing of the coat removes dead hair and prevents the build-up of mats and tangles as well as shedding of dead hair. Grooming is essential for your pets' health, spirit, and well being. 3. Why do I need a professional groomer? ANSWERProfessional groomers are trained and educated, and they have invested years in developing their skills. Many have worked as veterinary technicians/assistants and are familiar with animal anatomy and physiology. We are often the middleman or -woman between you and your veterinarian. While your vet sees the animal usually only once or twice a year, we see it 5-10 times or more per year. We are not healers nor practice medicine, but by using proper techniques and products we are a vital part in your pets health.

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